26-27 September 2016
The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo, Egypt

Samir Salama

Minister Adviser for River Transport
Ministry of Transportation, Egypt
Main jobs:
  • Head of Technical Sector, RTA.
  • Head of Construction and Ports Sectors, (Nile Company for Roads and Bridges).
  • Head of Navigation Sector, RTA.
  • Head of River Transport Authority, RTA.
  • Advisor of River Transport , Ministry of Transport.
Introduction for the topic:
As a result of the governmental decision to use coal as an energy source for the industries that consume large amount of energy. It is important to use the river transport as a safe , cheap and environment friend mode to transport coal. It is important also to know the risks and the precautions accompanied with the transportation process.

The items of presentation:
  • Advantages of river transport.
  • Amount of coal deliberated among ports in Egypt.
  • Infrastructure for transport coal by river.
  • Risks accompanied to the transportation.
  • Precautions and mitigations.

11:00 Reviewing the advantages and risks of coal transportation by river

For long distances, the cost of transporting coal can be high. As Egypt now imports greater amounts of coal from to various locations, coal transportation will become a more important concern from an energy, economic, and environmental standpoint. This session will highlight the key issues and risks faced when transporting coal by river and how to overcome them.

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